Community Involvement


An environmentally sustainable approach that focuses on keeping public spaces clean by picking up trash  


Enhancing urban areas with greenery, such as trees, gardens and street planters.


Strategic approach to improve visibility and increase safety, which can contribute to reducing crime rates.

home Security

Installing resident-owned home security systems is an effective strategy to reduce crime rates in neighborhoods by enhancing the protection of individual properties.

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Investing in neighbors, block-by-block

PhillySafe, a non-profit organization, is committed to addressing urban crime through community-based solutions, utilizing cutting-edge research in epidemiology, criminology ,and data science. Our focus is on implementing innovative crime deterrence strategies in high-risk areas of Philadelphia. We have identified 14 zip codes responsible for 80% of gun violence in the city.

Our evidence-based approach centers around four proven crime deterrents:

         1. Lighting
         2. Street cleaning
         3. Greening
         4. Home security solutions (e.g., residential alarm systems)

These measures have been demonstrated to significantly reduce crime rates. PhillySafe collaborated with four non-profits to develop a comprehensive gun violence deterrence solution in North Philadelphia's 19132 zip code, one of the city's deadliest areas.

Our vision is to expand our solution to all the "hot spots" within the 14 targeted zip codes, ensuring a citywide impact. Research indicates that the adoption of these place-based investments can lead to a decrease in all crime types, including violent, theft, and drug-related incidents.

In addition to on-the-ground interventions, PhillySafe employs a data-driven approach facilitated by skilled data scientists. This ensures effective baselining, measurement, and tracking of our impact. Active management of investments is a priority, ensuring our desired outcomes of reduced gun violence, decreased crime rates, and an overall improved quality of life for our neighbors.

Funding for our initiatives comes from a combination of government grants, philanthropic support, and private donations. We aspire for the Mayor and City Council to embrace our program, advocating for its citywide implementation. The transformative impact of PhillySafe has the potential to create a safer and more secure environment for all residents in Philadelphia.

Leadership Team

Reverend DR. james henry buck

Community leader

Reverend Buck, who holds a B.A. from Potomac University, a Masters of Divinity from Howard University School of Divinity, and a Doctorate from Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, is currently the Senior Pastor at Grace Baptist Church of Germantown, having previously served as Pastor at Berean Baptist Church of North Philadelphia.

walter "buck" buckley

technology investor

Buckley, who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A., is the founder and CEO of Semcap, a venture fund that invests in Food and Nutrition, Healthcare, and Education. Prior to Semcap, he founded and served as President and CEO of Internet Capital Group (ICG), where he invested $1.4 billion in 61 start-up firms, and also served as Vice President of Acquisitions at Safegaurd Scientifics. Additionally, Buckley serves as a director for several startups, including Diagnostic Bio Chips, Dropps, and Margaux, and is the Lead Director on FS Investments Global Debt Fund.

Bob kothari

technology executive

Kothari, who holds a B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College, a Master of Environmental Management from Duke University, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School, is currently an advisor to Trax Retail, a $2+ billion pre-IPO company that leverages computer vision technology for the consumer products and retail industry. He previously served as the Chief Revenue Officer of Trax Retail, Managing Director of Accenture, and Co-Founder & Senior Vice President of Procurian.

Amy kothari

security industry executive

Amy Kothari, who holds a B.A. from Franklin & Marshall College and an MBA from American University, recently stepped down after 20 years as the CEO of MY Alarm Center ("MAC"), a leading residential home security provider and is currently a member of the MAC board of directors. She previously served as an Executive Director at CIBC World Markets and held various finance positions at Comcast and Cox Communications.


Pilot: West Philadelphia


  • 4000 Block of parkside Avenue
  • 600,700,900 Blocks of N. Preston street
  • 600 block of S. Yewdall Street
  • 4200 Block of Westminster Street
  • 5400 Block of Addison Street and 550 Block Addison Street
  • N. Frazier Street from Arch to Market (14-54 N. Frazier street)
  • 900 Block of n. 43rd Street


  • 35 Cameras installed across 10 blocks.
  • Street cleaning has resulted in a 62% reduction of trash on the streets.
  • In mid-May, street cleaning was initiated and implemented across all 10 blocks.

the 19132 project


  • N Taney Street
  • N Taylor Street
  • N Ringgold Street
  • N 24th Street
  • N Judson St
  • W Seltzer St
  • N Bonsall St
  • N 23rd Street
  • W Harold Street
  • N Hemberger Street


PhillySafe is partnering with 4 non-profits to develop and integrated and comprehensive solution in the 19132 zip code. The integrated program is called “Area 32.” The Area 32 program will implement PhillySafe’s place-based investments (cleaning, greening, and lighting), Culture Changing Christians’ youth mentoring, Endangered Kind’s violence interrupters and peer support, Victory in Norf’s youth basketball, and EMIR Healing Center’s survivor and trauma services. Impact Services is serving as the program manager. Spring Point Partners served as a funding sponsor. Area 32 is funded through the Coordinated Community Violence Intervention (CCVI) grant administered by Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD). The grant was awarded in January 2023.



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